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        In 2013, Garsoni Fertilizer has
been stationed in Vietnam market with new technology depending on its understanding on Asian market.

Through agricultural practices in Asian market and endless perfect upgrade of products and technology, Garsoni product line has covered all toppingtypes of compound fertilizers in the industry at present, especially developed vigorously in the field of topping nitro cellulose products.

Garsoni knows Asia better, and also knows clearly Vietnam, it has obtained excellent achievements in product quality and putting forth new ideas supported by high and new technology and led by Vietnam market.

Garsoni Fertilizer (International) INC will further enhance research and development of high efficient products such as nitro fertilizers and water soluble fertilizers, provide forceful guarantee for development of safe and high efficient agriculture of Vietnam with more professional, good quality and rich products, promote the developmentof water-fertilizer integration technology in Vietnam and provide better products and services forfarmers.