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        In 2004, USA Garsoni Fertilizer(International) Inc. has been ceremoniously landed in Asian market with
new technology. Its first station is in China which is vast in territory and rich in natural resources. And it has promoted and sold full line products of Garsoni, introduced international advanced technology to China for application in agricultural production.

Garsoni Fertilizer has closely cooperated with Xindu Chemical Industry, they have successively founded Garsoni (Yingcheng) Fertilizer Co., Ltd.and Garsoni (Meishan) Fertilizer Co., Ltd.; at present, Yingcheng Garsoni can produce 600 thousand tons of different types of topping compound fertilizers per year, and Meishan Garsoni can produce 300 thousand tons.
Garsoni International
has put mind on research and agricultural practices on Asian land, and made its all series of products more applicable for Asian lands. It has endlessly introduced foreign advanced technology and production process, developed rich series of product line according to characteristics of Asian land and crops, provided compound fertilizers of excellent quality and high efficiency to Asian farmers.